Literature of Late

Our recent reads in the children’s department are many, which I think speaks more to our attention spans than to our son’s. He is really digging two specific books a lot lately, though: 1. Eric Carle’s “Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me,” and 2. Mo Willems’ “The Pigeon Needs a Bath!”

The former is one that I had never read, and we had only recently received as a gift from one of my oldest friends. She swore by it, and boy, did it deliver. The message is an awesome one, though my husband claims it puts a lot of pressure on him and his abilities as a father. I assure him that Roland will most likely not be asking for things like the moon any time soon. But, I mean, I wouldn’t mind the moon for myself sometime soon, darling. Oh also, lots of the pages fold up with beautiful images, so that’s a huge selling point for us.

The latter is a book with which I also wasn’t familiar until my cousin gave it to us as a shower gift (I never stop being thankful that we had a children’s-literature-themed shower!). It’s a super cute story about a pigeon who is in desperate need of some ablutions. And when he finally gives it a try, he actually ends up loving the whole experience! I really hope this doesn’t speak to how rarely we have been giving our son a bath lately… It has been a busy week.

Anyway, we are covering the classics, too, but I am really loving these new ideas! And sometimes “Where the Wild Things Are” just gets a little old. Especially since I have developed a theory that Maurice Sendak may be the William Faulkner of children’s literature. MAN, THIS IS JUST ONE LONG SENTENCE.

When there is time for such pleasantries as “adult books,” I have been reading Dostoyevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” aloud for all of us. Let me tell you, there’s a reason people don’t often read Russian literature aloud to their friends. I am butchering all of these names so horribly. But one of my main listeners isn’t super familiar with the language, so it works out.

What are you all reading lately? I’d love to have your recommendations in both categories!

Until next time.