“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'”


I see all of your throwback blog posts, and I raise you a completely irrelevant throwback blog SERIES. Whoa. 

This series is called “tbt Childhood Celebrity Crushes.” While it has nothing to do with books or babies, I hope you will view it as an important weekly interlude. So, here goes:

My first entry is of course my very first celebrity crush ever, Kenickie from the film adaptation of Grease. I know everyone else on the planet swoons over the film’s main character Danny Zucco (played by John Travolta), but I just don’t think he gets the celeb crush job done quite like his troubled sidekick. Kenickie is the ultimate dude, doing things like driving fast cars, giving horrible relationship advice, sitting on bleachers for long periods, and just generally “hanging around” with a popped collar on his leather jacket. He is the essence of cool.

Sure, he sort of had someone at the time, in that he was in some sort of open relationship situation with a girl named Rizzo. But she was troubled too, so the match was not by any means ideal. I think I ultimately considered myself a better fit for Kenickie in many ways, because while I was maybe 5 years old at the time, I had social graces that Rizzo was really lacking. Plus I would cure him of his unsightly cigarette addiction and put him on the path to a brighter future that didn’t involve beating other people at car races. It would certainly have been a dream come true for us both. 


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