“Normal Stuff”

Many months ago, before I had my son, I recall asking a friend who had a newborn how she was ever able to do “normal stuff.” She sort of laughed it off and said something to the tune of, “you just kind of figure it out.” She must have thought I was kidding.

But this was a very real fear of mine at the time (and still is a lot of times now): that I won’t be able to carry out normal day-to-day tasks (such as eating breakfast, taking showers, putting socks on, etc.) when I have a baby around to take care of. In fact, I think I just recently figured out how to do most of those normal things on my own (by on my own, I mean, without just handing the baby off to someone else, because that’s for novices!). 

For example, the other day I took a shower for the first time ever while home alone with the baby (if you’re the kind of person who chooses to assume that fact to mean that I haven’t showered in three months, do your thing). It was really quite difficult, because I had to put him into some sort of contraption which would place him close by, but would also keep him strapped in so that there wouldn’t be any mishaps. So he just sat there in his little swing, happy as can be. He is a good boy. 

But even while he sat there peacefully, I couldn’t help but be totally frantic the whole time. So it wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience. But progress is progress.

I think we are 92% in the game as far as normal stuff goes. I am able to prepare food whilst holding him and I no longer need to sit in the back seat with him while my husband chauffeurs us around. But I still want to.

Of the 8% left is one of the more laughable things we do, which involves him falling asleep or playing in his swing for a few minutes and me frantically eating all of the food in the kitchen in starvation mode because I’m not sure when my next free eating moment will be. That’s something that has definitely carried over from the newborn stage. Or perhaps it’s just an excuse I make to eat all of the food. Either way, the past lingers. 

Anyway, at almost four months, we are growing together, doing most of the normal stuff together and apart like it’s our job, and we are very happy. And it really is something “you just kind of figure out” along the way.


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