Scott Wormer, Head Wormer



In the always timeless (heh) film, “Now and Then,” there was a crew of teenage boys called The Wormers. It wasn’t really a clever title based on the way they acted or anything, but just that their last name was Wormer and they were all brothers. Anyway, Scott Wormer was the dreamy oldest brother, which meant that he rode his sixties-looking bike in front of all the others and had literally every single line spoken in the group. He is this week’s tbt childhood crush.

One of the coolest things about Scott Wormer was that, while he came off as kind of a prick, he actually ended up being really sweet and having something of a relationship with my favorite girl character in the movie, Roberta (played by Christina Ricci, my teen idol). 

Oh, and later played by Rosie O’Donnell, my adult idol. Roberta rules.

Anyway, I had a crush on Scott Wormer when I was in kindergarten, which means that I had no idea that I had a crush on him. Instead, I had myself convinced that I wanted to be him, so I started doing Wormer-like things, such as wearing horizontal stripes and playing baseball. I took it even farther (that is to say “too far”), when I asked my sister to cut my hair super short and give it a bowl-like cut so I could look like him. And of course, being the sweet older sister that she is, she did just that. So then I spent the first half of kindergarten having girls question my gender in the bathroom at school. One time a girl made me leave the bathroom altogether because she was convinced that I was actually a boy. Ah, childhood.


2 thoughts on “Scott Wormer, Head Wormer

  1. nicoleburguess says:

    I never knew the inspiration behind your desire for a short haircut! That’s hysterical. Also, sorry I messed it up completely.

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