In an MMMBop you’re gone.


This week’s #tbt childhood crush will hopefully make up for the one I missed last week because it is one of the crushiest crushes of all-time: none other than the babest of lead singers, Taylor Hanson (of, of course, Hanson).

Jordan Taylor Hanson was the Hanson everyone found lovable. Sure, there were some girls in the second grade who thought shooting for the younger Hanson, Zac, was more realistic, or some more edgy barritone-loving chicks who realized the idiosyncrasies of Isaac, but mostly people liked their porridge just right in those days. And just right was Taylor Hanson. He was cool in an earthy, sepia-toned, choker-wearing way, and his voice was the kind that you heard and thought, “Well, that must be a girl singing.” All of these qualities were extremely popular in 1997, when “Middle of Nowhere” came out and everyone peed their pants. It was the coolest and best album to ever come out if you were a girl at that time. And the single, “MMMBop” isn’t even the best song on the album by a long-shot, but don’t get me started on that. It was the first CD I ever had (purchased from Harmony House, obvi) and I still have my copy and love the heck out of it.  

I hold that Hanson was the best band of the nineties for SEVERAL reasons, but most notable is the fact that they had the bodacious elements of boy-bandom, but actually knew how to play instruments and sing harmonies. They were incredibly talented musicians in an age where that was starting to be very difficult to find. And it was adorable that they learned how to play music from their parents in their smalltown Oaklahoma home-a. 

So anyway, Taylor was the “shy one,” so, I mean, need I say more? If you’re not convinced that he deserves a spot on the list, just go listen to “Thinking of You.”

Also, if I remember correctly from the Hanson calendar that I used for a solid six years of my childhood (because it’s not like I actually used a calendar in elementary school), it was Taylor’s birthday recently. Happy Birthday, darling.


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