Where My Chubby Babies At?


I’ve noticed a recent (and very cool) trend for men to be on the chubbier side.  Women who used to hang posters of Chad-Michael-Murray-toned boys on their ceilings are now flocking to indie rock shows to swoon over bearded dudes with beer bellies. The holly jolly look is indeed “in,” and I think that makes this an awesome time to be alive.

Perhaps this stems from an even more significant trend in this great generation: the idea for both genders to be proud of their body types and flaunt who they are. I’m all about this trend.  This is one of the very best trends.

But sometimes I wish this could extend more into the baby-sphere.  Hear me out.

As I concluded in a post of mine a few months back, mothers are unfairly burdened with the worry of their babies gaining enough weight in the early months.  It’s a very stressful time for mothers because they are pressured to get their babies up to birth weight as soon as possible.  But then once baby gets a little bit too far past that birth weight, things start to get very tough for him.

Heftier babies start to grow out of all of their clothes pretty quickly.  While their mothers are unpacking the handful of post-nine-month outfits they got at their baby showers, their babies are left wearing the same sleepers for days when they used to get their choice of entire closets full of them.

Not only are they limited fashion-wise, but bigger babies also suddenly can’t do as many fun things, like swing the day away (because plenty of swings have an impractical weight limit) or be carried by their mommies (because carriers, too, can only carry so much).  

It sounds silly and I say it mostly in jest, but lately I feel like my son is getting the short end of several sticks because he is on the tall and chubby side.  Initially he was praised at the doctor’s office for gaining weight, but now every trip there just means one more thing he can’t enjoy (whether it be an outfit, a toy, a bed, an accessory, etc.).  We have one toy whose box reads “use only with babies who are able to sit up on their own” but also says “26 lb. limit.”  My son can’t sit up on his own yet, but is somewhere near 22 lbs or so.  So he will most likely be able to use that toy for something like five minutes.

I say we start a chubby baby movement in which people continue to be stoked about big babies past the early stages.  I say we make products for babies who want to still be treated like babies even when they are past a certain weight class.  I say we extend this own-your-body-type attitude to our littlest ones.  Because, after all, who doesn’t love some adorable rolls on these tiny bodies?  

No one, that’s who.


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