Emily Dickinson Gets it Right

There is an Emily Dickinson poem called “Bee! I’m expecting you!”

Somewhere around my due date I was organizing all of Roland’s new books and I happened upon it.  I recall being big and impatient at the time (that was my rapper name).

Anyway, I read the poem and couldn’t get over how approrpriate it was to my current state. What were the chances I would read this poem about a bee being “expect[ed],” and “due” so close to the due date of my own little creature?  In fact, the first two stanzas of the poem were almost verbatim what I had been saying to my son over the past few days.


So, of course, like the millennial I am, I took a photo of it and posted it on Instagram with the caption “A perfect poem from the poetry book Auntie Niki got us.”

But at the time I didn’t actually realize just how perfect this poem was for us.

found this poem again this morning in yet another children’s poetry book (are children a huge part of the Dickinson demographic?).  When I read the last stanza I was nearly dumbfounded.

You’ll get my Letter by

The seventeenth; Reply

Or better, be with me–

Yours, Fly.

And what was it that happened on the 17th of December? Oh right, my little “bee” got “my letter” and chose the latter.

And I couldn’t be happier.



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