On Bowie

“My heart’s in the basement, my weekend’s at an all-time low.”

“I didn’t spend enough time with him,” I find myself saying, though, of course, Bowie and I have never shared a space. Not really.

I don’t want to compare it to the way I feel about other celebrity deaths because that’s not cool. But this death stings so much for me because his music means a lot to me.

It was comforting knowing that David Bowie was alive somewhere, reacting to the events of the world and retaining himself all the while. It scares me in a way to know that the person who thought what he thought and was what he was is gone now from the Earth. I feel this sort of welling in each of my organs knowing that no one else is going to be that way for us.

The word you’re looking for here is, “Anyway.”