Nature or Bust

Summer is finally here (knock on wood), so I am really stoked to show Roland all of its greatness. Especially since he is a Winter baby and this is his very first Summer ever.

We are trying to do a ton of hiking and general exploration (insert “How I Met Your Mother” General Exploration salute) this Summer. So today we went out into the woods and made it pretty far, considering it was 77 degrees out (and felt like way more). I tried to get a shot of us after our hike, but it was a tricky angle for the timer. Just moments after this was taken some adorable old women came up to us to offer us some bug spray, since apparently the ticks are really bad this year. I didn’t have the heart to tell them how terrified I am of putting chemicals on babies, so I accepted a spray and we were on our way. They seemed like a very pious group of old women (potentially Catholic) and I always trust pious groups of old women, especially if they are Catholic.

Summer is the very best.


Rainy Mood and a Little Stuffed Piglet

I don’t know if I’ve told everyone on the planet about it yet, but we are sleep-training at the moment. I told five separate baristas last week, so, as Morrissey says, “Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before.”

So when you’re extremely sleep-deprived it starts to take over your life pretty quickly. You’re constantly thinking about when you will get a chance to sleep and how you can get away with sleeping instead of doing other things (like eating or showering, for instance). And with a baby, you have this mental checklist of things that the baby needs in order to sleep going through your head at all times. In our case it looks kind of like this: active playtime during the day, fresh air, solid naps, no dairy at all ever, etc. So we are always trying to get those things done and little by little we get back into the swing of things again and remember what day and night are and all of that.

Two things that are helping us a ton right now are: RainyMood and a little stuffed Piglet.  Also cosleeping, but I don’t want to get into that whole debate on here, so I’ll just say that cosleeping is only cool if done 100% safely (which is something I didn’t really think possible until I read a bunch of Dr. Sears books).  Dr. Sears is the business.

But what’s not the business is that it’s really difficult to find a photo of the old-school Piglet.  What’s that about?  Ernest Shepard is weeping somewhere.